- In-Depth Process Walkthrough

Step 1: Download the Medical-Scriber App

Visit our official website,, and locate the download section. Follow the prompts to download the Medical-Scriber app compatible with your device. This step ensures you have the necessary tool to seamlessly integrate our transcription services into your workflow.

Step 2: Register Your Details

Complete the registration process by providing essential details to create your account. This includes personal information and preferences that help tailor the service to your specific needs. Registration is a one-time process to establish your presence in our system.

Step 3: Login with Your Username and Password

Upon successful registration, log in to the Medical-Scriber app using the username and password you created. This step grants you access to the platform, allowing you to initiate the dictation process and explore the various features of our transcription service.

Step 4: Start Dictating

With access secured, you can begin the dictation process. Use the app's intuitive interface to record your audio files efficiently. Once the dictation is complete, the app automatically uploads the files to our transcriptionist. Please note that a stable internet connection, either through WiFi or mobile data, is essential for this step.

Step 5: AI Transcription and Quality Control

Our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence system takes over at this stage. It identifies predefined templates and instructions embedded in the dictation. The AI converts the audio files into text and forwards them to our highly skilled Quality Controller Team. This team meticulously reviews and checks the transcriptions for accuracy and quality before forwarding them to our servers.

The system then determines the optimal delivery method based on your instructions. Whether it's sending the files directly to you or integrating them into your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, our platform ensures a seamless and efficient process.

Note: During the initial phase, the AI system may take a bit of time for delivery. To expedite the process, we recommend using clear and articulate voice recordings. As the system continually learns and adapts, the delivery speed and accuracy will improve. Some clients who follow these instructions have experienced a remarkable one-hour turnaround time for delivery.

Step 6: Invoicing

Our transparent billing system counts the lines in your transcribed files for accurate invoicing. At the end of each month, we forward the invoice to you. operates with a client-centric approach, eliminating upfront charges and long-term contracts. You have the flexibility to choose our services on a case-by-case basis, dictating whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you.

Experience the synergy of user-friendly technology and cutting-edge AI transcription services with Sign up for a Free Trial today to witness the precision and efficiency our platform brings to medical documentation.